Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EOG's and Common Core

EOG'S for Wake County Track One students take place today and tomorrow.   Here are some quick facts about this year's tests:

Because of the implementation of the new Common Core standards this year, the EOG's will look a little different this year.  The main difference is that scores will not be released anytime soon.  Our school, Sanford Creek Elementary, has provided a tentative timeline of October of 2013 for the release of the scores.

Basically, the material on the tests has changed in order to align with the Common Core curriculum.  The Department of Public Instruction needs to have time to norm all of the scores - to determine based on the overall results, what now constitutes an achievement of a 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the tests.

This means that there will be no retakes of the test this year.  In the past, tests were scored fairly quickly and students who scored a 1 or 2 had to take a retest in order to ensure the scores weren't an anomaly.  Final score results played a role in determining whether a student was retained or received intervention of some sort.

So, essentially, while this year's tests will eventually provide educators and parents some information about student progress, they do not provide much immediate guidance for schools in terms of placement for intervention.  Therefore, parents, be on the lookout for what the school may be utilizing instead as guidance, whether you're looking for your child to be eligible for additional tutoring / help in areas where they may be struggling, or looking for your child to be included in the academically gifted offerings available at your school.

Because all of these offerings are limited in scope due to ever-increasing budgetary restrictions, it is worthwhile to stay on top of this info so your child does not miss out on an appropriate learning opportunity.